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The Character Display

left of the Plus is your name
The Plus button appears when you lvl one. term are up. There, you can increase your strength or your magic. You have to forgive always 3 points.
The red indicator will show your current life energy
The blue indicator will show your current magic
left of your face you have a red light with small circles. This is the berserker mode. This charges up by killing monsters. If he is aufgelden, above the uppermost circle appears a new button. This you have to press and you are now for a short time in Berserker mode.
right of the Plus displays your current lvl.
The display under the blue magic bar shows you your current strength, magic, attack speed, ... etc. To access it you have the little book next to the magic screen, press

The Target Display

An indicator of the information on each monster or the people clicking.

players monsters
Name life energy (HP)
job Strength
Job Level Name

The mini map

very top you will be shown the area where you're currently "here Grassland"
Below are the coordinates where are chatting. They are as long and latitude thus given X & Y
includes the actual card / yellow arrow are you / green = Party participants / yellow dot = other player / red dot = Monster
+ and - to zoom in

animal roles Display

     Please note     
Here all animals or monsters, the you have conjured yourself appear.
The red light under the picture shows the vitality of the animal.
, the particular animal or monster is what you have chosen is always highlighted in yellow.

party window

Here you the player are displayed with which you are in a party.
The two displays give you information about their current life energy and magic
When the face of the player is suddenly blue in your party, it means that he is no longer within your reach and you can not get any points from him.

The Chat

     can> read it all are the places in the city - All     
Party> All members of the party can read the message
Guild -> All guild members can read the message
Union -> All Union members can read the message
You can also write to people directly, the message can only be read -> Dopplklick on the name in the ad -> Then his name appears at the bottom of the line where you can enter your text-> Write behind the name just what and who gets a private message

level display / hot bar / menu button

level indicator
Here you your SP & EXP points are displayed.
For each monster you kill and what each quest you complete each you get the points. Is the green light at 100%, you join Lvl. and on the + character in the display! + Is only Lvl UP.

. This
Here you can various things like potions, spells, items, ... the store you are using the -> middle mouse button and the buttons can select 1-0
the item on the menu click button down and drag the Quick Bar.
You have 4 trays available.
Can you change the keys F1-F4.

Menu and Quick Button .
When you click on the big letters you come into your player menu.
There you can then view various categories:
  • info about your character
  • your inventory
  • skills
  • Actions
  • Party
  • tasks / Quest
The button is next to the two faces of the left button and the community with the gear including the option button. -> Click on it is self-explanatory


Should you be
Here are the skills that you just displayed using. The display below shows you how long the skill is still active. This can be seen in the upper display.
but occupied by a monster with a spell as Poison or fire it will be displayed under your skills. The display below shows then logically on how long the occupation will last.

Server Data/Hora (UTC-3)

Players Online: 626/1000
PlaySilkroad Staff
Equipe PlaySilkroad

Nome Status
Job Ranking

Job Gold Ratio
Thiefs: 207,969,000.00 100x
Hunters: 15,978,738,634.00 0x
Evento Fortress War
Sábado - 0:00h ~ Domingo - 12:00h

Domingo - 20:00h ~ 21:30h

Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: Falcon Tax: 20%
Bandit: BrMania Tax: 20%
Informações do Servidor:


Players online: 626/1000
Max online: 681
Experience rate: 3,5x
Party Experience rate: 4,5x
Gold drop coeficent: 1,5x
Item drop coeficent: 1,5x

Status :

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Contas: 6624
Personagens: 13017
Guilds: 159
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Cap: lvl 110
Raças: Chinês/Europeu
Mastery: 440/220
Jobs: Hunter/Thief/Trade
IP Limit: 9 Contas

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